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Scheduling flooring removal services in Evansville, IN
Floor Up Now is a subsidiary of Paint & Carpet Depot that focuses on flooring removal in Evansville, IN and surrounding areas. Our crew is certified in flood mitigation, which means we can remove your damaged, water-soaked flooring and level out your subfloors in preparation for a new flooring installation. During your flooring removal project, our expert will also perform a moisture test to make sure it's safe to install new flooring.

Floor Up Now is a great solution for flood mitigation

You should hire Paint & Carpet Depot's flooring replacement company, Floor Up Now, to remove your outdated or damaged flooring in the Evansville, IN area.

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Customers trust us because:

  • We use state-of-the-art equipment
  • We have experience removing all kinds of flooring
  • We perform moisture tests
  • We level out surfaces for new floors

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