Considerations for your new hardwood flooring

To have hardwood flooring in place means that you may never have to replace your flooring again. But it also means you'll have the perfect décor match for any style or design and durability that keeps your floors looking great, year after year. There are many products, so be sure to visit us with your specific requirements for all the details.

Wood floors make all the difference

When you choose the perfect options for both performance and visuals, you’ll find these floors work to your great advantage in every way. Choosing your species, stain colors, and finishes, for instance, is a great way to match any décor scheme. Making sure you pick the right product for the room is the best way to get performance that lasts for years.

Solid wood flooring is a perfect product for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more, made of natural wood, through and through. However, they can never be installed in below-grade spaces because these areas are known for humidity and temperature fluctuations. A perfect alternative that keeps you in the hardwood line is engineered hardwood flooring, offering excellent resistance to dampness, humidity, moisture, and so much more.

These product types require acclimation, which brings the product's moisture level and the environment it's being installed into the same level. This ensures you won’t have to worry about splitting, cupping, or cracking due to expansion or contraction after installation. Instead, you’ll enjoy your perfectly installed wood floors for generations to come.

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We’ll match you with the best hardwood flooring

At Paint & Carpet Depot, we're happy to put our more than 26 years of flooring experience to work for you. We work with homeowners and businesses with flooring projects of any size to find the options and materials that work best for specific circumstances. When you need particular floor coverings, be sure to let us know what you're looking for.

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